05 July, 2009

State of play

State of Play with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. Introducing (for me, anyway) RachelMcAdams as a very nice little blogger journalist, greeted with sarcasm by Crowes character, wich was the old fasioned paper journalist.
Helen Mirren, great in the role of "Washington Globe"s manager. Allthough, I really dont know why is the american public so fascinated with english accents in movies. Well, I know the reason, but I still think they overdo it somewhat. Helen Mirren, great little role.
So, I looove a coruption movie. And tis is another great corruption movie. Russell Crowe investigates a sex/murder scandal in Washington, that focuses on an old friend of his, turned politician, that is Ben Affleck.
The movie is very well built, most of the times allert, action, detective work by journalists, smart lines, jokes, but whithout the usual Hollywood exageration and cliche. The characters are all credible, athmosphere the same. I loved the feel of the great newspaper redaction.
You allmost cant believe how well they did Benn Affleck, with grey hair, bags under
eyes, great suits, everything that says young politician under a lot of stress. And speaking of politicians, I come to Jeff Daniels. Damnit, he is one worthy of hate sob in this one. The party senior, group leader in senat, the corruptaest of the corrupt. Great job make up artists and tailors.
Everything is built upon a well structured plot, a good and fluent story, suspanse on ocasion, lots of detective work, great dialogue, but not too heavy.
Loved the PR guy thatwas stoned and turned into a snitch.
Great story, overall, then great
ending. Its a must of the year, in my opinion.

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