04 March, 2012

Espresso Style Recommends: U Parlamentu Restaurant, Prague

In the historical and administrative centre of Prague, on the Valentinska street, right on the corner you can find U Parlamemtu restaurant. A quick glance through the window will give you a hint that the restaurant is a genuine  Prague eatery, not too fancy and not too shabby. Why? Because at the tables placed not too close together sit Prague locals. You can tell by the faces, the clothing etc. There are bearded men drinking beer, women, and one or two whole families.
Ok, once inside, you sit comfortably on squeeky wooden chairs at wooden tables next to wood plated walls. Atmosphere is genuinely friendly, people go about their business eating and drinking the good stuff.
A young waitress with a smile on her face welcomes you and she knows the house specials without checking the menu. Just two brands of beer on the menu, one light pilsener and one dark. Both Prague genuine delicious beers.

You get a pint and unwind a bit. As a tourist that has just walked a few hours you are hungry and want to taste some Prague local traditional local specialities. Get the rabbit and duck roast with the omnipresent bread and potato dumplings. 

Good choice: the roast meat is tender and doesn't feel old, dumplings are incredibly light and fluffy. The spinach  on the rabbit dish is real spinnach (fresh, not frozen). Sauerkraut is sauerkraut!
Espresso Style verdict: a bouchon like restaurant in the muddle of Prague, honest, genuine, not a rip of like many other joints around there, packed with locals where you can enjoy good beer and perfectly done Czech traditional specials. 5 stars out of 5 for food, 5 for service, 5 for atmosphere! 


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