30 August, 2009

Two Lovers

Joaquin Phoenix is perfect for the role of the torn and unsure of himself young man in Two Lovers. The image is somber and dark at all times. Joaquin Phoenix is expressive without words, almost. It's like he surprises you in the brief scenes when he acts as a normal 30 years old.
Gwineth Palthrow is beautiful. You want her too, as does the young man in the movie. Vulnerable and unsure also. Blond, skinny, lovely, sexy.
I got to see the movie because of my admiration of Joaquin Phoenix, but I guess that for me the real revelation was Vinessa Shaw. She is hot. She is understated. She is good.
New York is f*king beautiful in any season, I guess. I just love the steam that permanently rises from all kinds of openings in the streets and buildings, as if the city were a living breathing dormant monster.
Joaquin...Joaquin is tragic. Just as , for example, John Malkovich is always demented and obsessed, Joaquin is always tragic and tormented.
I also loved his parents flat. Simple, old fashioned, in tone with the story.
Loved the end. Call me a softy, but i just love a happy ending.
I would have been a more structured drama if he would have killed himself, or at least run away...but to end up with Vinessa Shaw is not the worst of all faiths.
Good one, altogether!

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