06 September, 2009

Last House on the Left

One of the hardest to watch movies of your life. Me and my whife had the choice between The Proposal (romantic comedy) and The last House on the Left. The latter was marked as a horror movie, but after watching the trailer online it seemed to me as mor of a good thriller. So we decided to go watch it for relaxation on saturday night.
Well, not the best choice for relaxation!
Burning woman's forehead with car lighter. Explicite rape! slow stabbing young girl in abdomen multiple times!, suspense, live medical procedures performed on people without sedation. OK, want more? Sticking someones hand in the garbage shredder, than killing him with a hammer in the head, with the sharp end of the hammer.

Ok, still want more? Next shooting a woman through the eye from cose distance, jumping through windows, everything in an isolated house in the woods, at night, during a thunderstorm.
Oh, happy end, at last. But, no, still want more? Paralized man from neck down, stick his head in microwave oven, head explodes.
Oh...The End!

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