03 September, 2009

School vs. Business

I heard today an article on BBC world service, business daily (radio). It was about the differences between school exams and real life in business afterwords. It made a lot of sense to me; here's a few ideas:

For failing an exam in school you might be inclined to blame someone else (teachers, classmates) but in your heart you know that you yourself are the only one that really is to blame (for not learning hard enough). In business (mostly in corporate business) there is always a never ending list of people to blame other than yourself (the boss, colleagues, the market, the crisis, it dept etc.).
In school you tend to learn as hard as you can and tell others that you hardly touched the books, where as in business you try to work as little as possible and tell others that you worked the hardest.
You are marked the highest for an exam when you present clean and synthetic information. In business you might get the most recognition for "dressing up" and presenting other peoples work.
So, does school really prepare us for the real world of business?
Thank God I am self employed and my own boss, or else...

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