07 October, 2009

Where NOT to eat in Paris

Ah, Paris, with it's street side cafes and romantic bistros. I love it.
And I was there in september, strolling by through Place de la Republique. And, what do you know!? We got hungry. My wife felt like some pizza (well, even in Paris...pizza) and we sat down at a restaurant's table next to the sidewalk. We ordered fast and it came in fairly quickly: a salad for me and a pizza with spiced sausage for her. Water and a small glass of Bordeaux. It was not good, I tell you. Well to be honest, it was average. At least not what you would expect from a very well placed restaurant in Paris.
The pizza was plain, made with ordinary ingredients. The sausage was the low price supermarket (the kind with not much meat in it) and the doe was clearly not baked in an wood burning oven. OK, not every place has an wood burning oven, but even an electric oven makes a better crust.
My salad was simple, no dressing. The day before I ate a wonderfully dressed salad at another restaurant (review coming soon) and I guess i was expecting too much this time. Again the ingredients were plain, cheap, cold and with a feel of leftovers to them. Cold meat, grilled and chopped thin: it felt like it was from hours ago, at least.
And everything at a price pushing tword 40 euros, no thank you, not ever again.
The place is called PIZZA PINO, Place de la Republique, Paris. Don't go there for a feel of Paris. Go only if you're plain hungry....neah, not even so!

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