18 January, 2010

Avatar is just fun

Well..., you know, it's just that...the movie is not talked about in the proper sense. What I mean is that everybody either talks it down, relating to the "movie of the century" label ("most expensive" etc.), or they are just blown away by it in an infantile kinda way!
Everybody takes sides. People, it's just a movie. It's just great fun, and that's what counts in my book the most (in spite of my natural tendencies to overtheoretisize stuff). And, like Titanic before (not that big of a fan of that one either) the story steels you away and keeps you there for 2 hours (at the cost of several hundred million $$$). The return is already just as impressive.
Of course it's not the most ... nothing movie that I've ever seen. But I couldn't care less. It just great fun.

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