25 March, 2010

Wake Up, America!

We lived to watch this too: Jaime Oliver, the strong willed and resilient Jamie Oliver brought to tears by the idiots of this world. And I can understand how it happened exactly in America. The land of the free is lately also the land of the lamest ignorant idiots on this earth.
As easily as they could be misled and lied to for agreeing to go to war for oil or to vote the idiotic Bush into a second office, they can also be lied to by the food producing giants that they lead a good and healthy life. And so they go on eating crap. And by that I mean fatty pizza, burgers, salty fries and all the sweetened carbonated drinks.
America, wake up and think for yourself. Get educated and do not dismiss others just for being critical of your ways. That is what drove europeans into two world wars. You got us out of that mess. I think that nowadays nobody is threatening America worse than its own ignorance.

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