03 April, 2010

DeLonghi EC750 Espresso Machine

I finally bought my first home espresso machine. I got the DeLonghi EC 750 home machine. It is the top of the home line non automated from DeLonghi. I chose this one because it is a machine that works both with ground coffee and pods (in the E.S.E. system). There are very good pod making brands like Illy and Julius Meinl.
I've had it for three days now and I've brewed about 10 cups, both from ground coffee and pods. It's not instant, that I can tell you! But it's absolutely great fun. I really like tweaking the stuff, screwing in the porter filter and turning it on. Then the golden brown liquid streams down into the lovely (also new) coffee cups that I bought. I simply love it. It's the essence of all that I love about coffe and Italia.
It has a proprietary IFD system for frothing milk automatically.

Later edit: the milk frothing system broke after about 6 months of use. It was impractical anyway as it required immediate washing after use an for this you had to take it apart. I rarely drank cappuccinos during this period. Maybe once a month. My next machine will be one with a steam wand, for sure. I'd like to try my hand in a little late art. Other than that, everything peachy!

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