05 May, 2006

OK; I've been to Bulgaria, dreaded Bulgaria, for the few days surrownding mayday. That's the 1st of May, for all you meager english speaking romanians.
Aaammmm....a married friend of an unmarried friend said that she's found some special priced tickets for the weekend before 1 may. We staied in Golden Sands Black Sea resort, which is muuuuch more classi than Mamaia, ....(the most coolest romanian seaside resort) that i know only too well, for i live in the city of Constantza, wich is practically joined toghether with Mamaia.
at the price of 55 euro per 3 days in a 4 star hotel we kinda expected to eat instant soop for breakfast. Any way, surprise (or not)! it was 4 stars western standard (that's western European standard, for all you non eastern europeans reading this). That ment lots of good quallity food, of wich every romanian stayng at the Mimosa hotel took 2-5 platefuul per meal!!
The reality of the bulgarian resorts is that i never got to speak a word of the locals language, because they were all so well trained in the art of tending to us guests, that we only used words like hello, how much, thanks, bye! It's a shame. I only know how to halller : ZAGORSKA! (this is a local brand of beer that goes especially well with every specially good food that they served there:-))
That brigs us to the GODZILA restaurant in the center of Varna, where they serve no less than 54 kinds of deliciously assorted sallads (and Zagorska, of course!) A (huuuuuge) sallad, a (huuuuge) Zagorska and a deliciuos slice of cake costs about 5 leva (2-2,5 euro!!). Now, thas what i call hospitallity.
A nice touch of local coluor was added by the stickers on the doors of bars and shops that worned against enterring with dogs and (get this:) guns!! Add to that the incident whitnised directly by me and my friends on a bulgarian (pictouresc) sea side road: a car in front of us literrally lost a wheel at a 100 km/h. The guy was actually lucky to remain allive.
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

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