19 September, 2006


The big question is, without doubt, should one work for an employer or is it better to work for oneself. In other words, if one should not better become an employer himself.
Some time ago, there was no question in my mind that being self employed is by far the best solution. That is pretty much what i think today, too, but even I have started to have my doubts.
I am a lawyer, and I practice alone (not by vocation, but rather because my clients are not that many, to ask for any helpers or paralegals). Note: I have only been a lawyer for 2 and a half yeras. And Constanta is still a provincial town.
I read somewhere on the web that being an entrepreneur is just trading working 8 hours a day for someone else for working 18 hours a day for yourself. How true! So, is it worthed? Well, that is the question. It should be. At least for me it is, but, then again, I am an exaggerate freedom lover. I hate directions, and I hate the feeling of making some one else's butt fatter trough my efforts. I might even be simple vanity. But I like to know that I can change directions as many times a year I damn please.
Long live Alex, the entrepreneur!


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