12 October, 2006

The Devil Weares Prada

Yes, i've seen the movie. It's likeble, but a little too hollywoody for my taste. Mainly the beautyfull girl made (what else!?) really "beautyfull" by clothes and style of the fashion magazine she works for.
The view over the business side of the fashion editorial world is rather good, but still... And, Meryl Streep's acting is way better siuted for "Bridges of Madison County", then for a monster like the infamous fashion Guru. Oh, well, ....about memorable lines: yes, there can be found here, although one has too look hard. Here's one:"She eats carbs!!!, For God's sake, CARBS!!!" the exclamation of the former assistent of the Devil, while in the hospital, crying! Menaing, "how can a person who eats cabohydrates take my place as first assistent of the Devil!?" Kinda nice...
I'm not (at all) gonna say that i didnt like the girl when she was well dressed. Now it krosses my mind that i didnt notice if she lost any wheight while going through the fazes of her "coming of age".
But enough about the movie. Here's a picture of a devil who's clothes (jeans) find it harder and harder to hide the lust for life (and chicken shawarma) inside. Cheers!

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