04 October, 2009


I have had my first ever bite of sushi in Paris! Yes, I went 1000 km by plane to taste the japanese wonder. Well, of course I didn't go to Paris just to eat sushi; I went there for my honeymoon (applause), but, none the less, this is the first time I have ever tasted the raw fish and rice dish.
Ipreshion: it's a good food and I see why people like it. If it's fresh it realy tastes fresh. I had the cucumber version, the plain one and everything in the box. But... youu gotta understand, I'm born and raised in Eastern Europe, at equal distance between Viena and Istambul, a part of the world where grandmothers stuff your face with cooked meat dishes, baked deserts with jams, steamy sour soups with meat and tens of vegetables boiled in them....Come on! I just am not the sushi kinda guy!
Another mith was the soy sauce. It is better than the only other one that i ever had before, store bought at home. That one was either spoiled in some way, or just plain weird tasting.
So, I didn'l like the sushi that much. But it looked f0king great!
And so begins the PARIS chapter, that will strech out for some time.

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