20 December, 2009

Pop Art genuine genius

A beautyfull artist. Behold the REAL, unknown and unapreciated during his lifetime artist! Ion B. Ion Barladeanu, is a romanian gravedigger/begger/homeless/bumm/artist that has created works of pop art in the form of collages all of his life, not knowing what he was acctually doing. He was expressing himsef with the means at his disposal (cutouts from the communist era magazines that people threw away) without any nition about the (international) art scene. He is briliant.
The guy was just discovered by a romanian filmmaker, Dan Popescu, in the back alley, sleeping under the stars, being drunk almost all of the time and living literally by searching through the garbage.
Long story short, he is now having personal exhibitions of pop art collages in Paris, Lodon, Basel etc. and selling well. The guy is a genius. He is right up there with Andy Warhol and such...
Check out the film by Alexander Nanu.

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