19 March, 2010

Espresso Style recommends: "Le Central"

"Le Central", on the boulevard Sebastopol, in Paris, was the location for two lovely and very tasty meals during our stay there. I'll show you only the salads, that were excelent, fresh ingredients, not too raw and not too elaborate. A duck breast salad (that I forgot the name of) and the "Roma" salad, with italian smoked ham or panchetta.
PS: On later edit, the duck breast salad is named "perigordine"!
The wine wasn't at all bad either, and moderately priced. Also, if you ask, they can bring you a bottle of tap water, free of charge, but if you ask for water, it's the expensive Perrier or Evian.
All being said, a very good establishment that I recomend "Le Central".

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