20 March, 2010

Planting Herb Seeds

It's spring time, now, so I decided to act up on an old project of mine: planting herbs in pots in the house. I bought a bag of flower earth two weeks ago and today a decided it's finally time to get dirty. 
I found some old pots and containers and I planted the seeds that I also got at the supermarket. I just hope they are any good. I went with the basil, first, in the biggest surface container, because it is used in almost all the italian dishes that I love so much (tomato sauce, all kinda pasta dishes, ragu, pizza marguerita etc.) Not to mention that it is the best looking potted herb (if I'm lucky enough for the seeds to be good and my gardening skills to be adequate!).
The other two pots I planted with two types of parsley: the normal one and the curly one.
After it was all done, and I have even pored the water on top, I realized I forgot the fertilizer that I got. Well, I just sprinkled a few mini balls of vegetable fertilizer on top of the planted earth and now I hope for the best. Can't wait for some results.

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