28 June, 2010

Canon 50mm f1.8 II & Tripod

I got myself new photo gear! And I'm so happy. Now, my food styling pics (hopefully) will look better and better.
So, I got the "cheapo" Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and the Fancier WT-3560 photo tripod.
I know, the Canon photo gear fans will say that I only got the cheapest and worst 50mm lens. It's true, but it's a beginning and it will make my hand better. It's good for me wright now, considering that all other 50mm lenses from Canon cost at least 3 times the money. 
As for the tripod, it's a delight to work with it, as opposed to shooting from the hand, especially as the 50mm has no built in image stabilization.
The gear was bought online from here and I'd like to congratulate them for the excellent quick service.
Further info about the lenses can be read here.

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