05 August, 2010

Chicken Potato Stew with Laurel & Dill

Man, it is hot, hot hot! Al throughout July and now in august there has been almost no cooking in our household beyond a simple omelet or salad.
But I craved some cooked meat. Guilty!
So I did buy some chicken wings and ribs and got into the kitchen.It was going to be something else then simple grilled meat. You probably guessed it by the specific cuts that I said I bought. So, I made a stew. The simplest kind: potato stew. As it is so hot in the kitchen, I did it all as quickly as I could, without compromising on taste. Therefor I made a more runny and soupy stew, the kind that you eat with bred in one hand and the spoon or fork in the other. I used a good pinch of dill (fresh) and dried laurel leaves, both being essential for the proper outcome. It came out delicious.
I used sunflower oil, as the extra virgin olive oil is too bitter and changes the taste of the dish. You can use a more mild tasting olive oil. It is important to put in the garlic and dill wright at the end, after the heat is turned off, otherwise the added flavor will cook away.
I like to eat it with a hot chilly pepper on the side, especially in the summer. In the winter goes very good with pickles. Enjoy!

2 chicken wings, 1 ribs, 1 neck etc.
4-5 medium potatoes;
2 medium yellow onions;
2 tablespoons tomato paste or 1/2 can crushed tomatoes;
salt, pepper, 1-2 dry laurel leaves, 2 garlic cloves (chopped), dill to taste, parsley.

How to make:

Chop up the onions (not too fine) and sote in the pot with a spoonful of sunflower oil  and salt. When the onion is glossy and transparent, throw in the chicken parts and cover with water completely. Let simmer for 15 mins and skim off the foam that formates on top because of the meat. Chop up the potatoes into large slices and throw them in the pot. Season well with salt, pepper, 2 dry laurel leaves, herbs to taste.
After another 25 minutes on medium heat, check for the chicken to be tender. If it is, dissolve into the stew 1 or two tablespoons of tomato paste or half a tin of crushed tomatoes. After 10 mins turn off the heat and season with the chopped dill and garlic. Give it a final stir and smell the nice flavor.   

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