22 August, 2010

Toamto Olive Oil Cheese Mush

Summer is now in full swing and the fresh tomatoes in my father's organic garden are ripe. Now I eat almost a kilo a day as they are my favorite vedge in the summer and the combination with olive oil and salty cheese are irresistible.
How many of you have shoved a piece of bred directly into the salad bowl after the tomato pieces are gone, just to gather the delicious olive oil tomato juice and spice sauce that formed on the bottom!? Well, however impolite, I do it too, when I eat at home, of course. And this time I decided to make it into a dish of itself.
So when I finished a plate of delicious fresh ripe tomatoes seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and cheese, I decided to cut another small tomato into thin and irregular slices and put it into the plate, then cut it some more with the side of the fork, making it into a rough mush. Then I threw in some more salty white cheese shavings and seasoning. Poor some more of the flavorful e.v. olive oil and you are done. Enjoy as a bread spread and taste the summer.
As a personal thing, I chop some hot red chilly pepper and throw it in also.

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