01 September, 2010

Dressed Broccoli

One of the simplest most delicious side dishes to meat is this garlic oil dressed broccoli salad. It is nothing more than blanched (boiled briefly) broccoli cut into florettes. It is important to bring the water to a boil before you submerge the broccoli into it, because if you subject the vegetable to heat more than a minute or two it will turn all soft and not nice. I think it is best served while it holds a little firmness to its structure. 
Then it is also important to put a fair amount of salt into the boiling water (i suggest course).  It's like when you boil potatoes whit skin on or pasta.
If you want to be thorough to the end, you should extract the broccoli from the water after a minute boil and immediately put it into a bowl with ice water. This is so the bright green color doesn't turn darker if left to cool in open air.
The dressing should also be put over the broccoli when it is still hot. It's simple. Almost always good food is simple! Good quality extra virgin olive oil, pepper (freshly ground) and crushed and finely chopped garlic. It's a delight anytime for me, as I discover more and more how great vegetables are.

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