09 January, 2011

Pork Steak (and other holiday treats)

For the winter holidays in Romanian homes it is a given to have at least one or two pork products or dishes. Along side other starters, baked things and all kinds of desert, almost everyone has the simple pork steak on the Christmas and New Ears Eve table.
So, as a good family that we are, the nice pork raw steaks came from my father in law, already salted, peppered and seasoned with lots of dry time. I just took the pork cuts and roasted them slowly in a thick skillet with some sunflower oil and some water (just to cover). It took the water just about half an hour to steam away and leave the steaks browned and tender soft. We served it with some wonderful mashed potatoes made by mom with her special tool inharited from her own mom.

Next you have a little photo hint of some of the other things that were on our Christmas table in 2010.
Cheese, olives and mini meatballs platter.

A la Rouse Salad.

Turkey jelly with garlic.

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