21 August, 2011

Semifreddo al Caffe

This is a kind of ice cream, meaning that it is a sweet frozen desert. It is easy and (I wish I could say light) quick to make. It tastes light and refreshing, anyway. It contains coffee but not a lot and you can feed it to the kids in small portions. It's an Italian desert recipe that I got from here.


  • 200 gr. condensed milk (can use lower quality);
  • 50 gr. (about half a cup) cold coffee (not to strong, not to weak, can use instant);
  • 250 gr. whipped cream (I used base and whipped it with 3 tablespoons powder sugar);
  • some instant coffee or powder cocoa to ornate.


First make the coffee and let it cool to room temperature. Use yesterdays coffee or make some instant with cold water. Do not sweeten, but if you got it already sweet, don't worry about it. Next mix together the coffee with the condensed milk using a hand whisk or hand mixer at low speed. It has to be about pancake batter consistency, no thicker. It drys fast. Next whip your cream with 3 tablespoons powder sugar (mine was vanilla flavored). Many cream bases come already sweetened, so read the  package. You can put some vanilla extract into the coffee mix as well. Do not overmix the cream because it is easy to get butter. It has to be firm (stick to the spoon and not drop if you turn the bowl upside down). 
Next incorporate the whipped cream into the coffee mix with overturning motions. Stir it in gently.
After that just put it into cups or whatever container you want and stick it into the freezer for a few hours. It is ready. I turned mine upside down and decorated it with some instant coffee on top.

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