08 August, 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream & Whipped Cream Sweet Glass

It's summer and it's hot. Just buy yourself a big jug of good quality vanilla ice cream (preferably the kind that you can see the little vanilla seeds in) and proceed to assemble a nice glass like I did. 
I cracked to pieces some digestive biscuits with cereal bis and dry fruit in them. I cracked open some pistachios and toasted almonds and I chopped them course with the knife. Then I whipped some real cream from heavy extra fat cream, sugar and vanilla extract. Be careful not to overwork it because it turns into butter and that is not what you want here. Lair the ingreds as you fancy on top of each other along with the nice ice cream that you bought (or made) and top with some dark chocolate shavings and chopped nuts. Delish (but also hyper caloric, so enjoy with moderation).


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