19 October, 2011

Tomato Cheese Salad (Not Caprese)

When you want to throw together a quick tomato salad  as a side dish for meat or for eating just like that with a slice of good bread, then consider this version that uses a different kind of cheese than the well known mozzarella and spring onions.

  • 2-3 medium tomatoes (as ripe as you can find);
  • a few spring onions;
  • crumbly white cheese;
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • salt and pepper to taste.


Cut the tomatoes discarding the green part where they were attached to the stem. Cut the spring onions as a medium chop. I did it o a diagonal, for looks. Brake the cheese into bite size bits and top the salad with them. Add the olive oil (about a spoonful per tomato or less) and season with salt and pepper. If the cheese is already salty (which it should be) use more pepper then salt. Mix well to get a nice sauce of olive oil, tomato juice, black pepper and little bits of cheese.
Now, about the cheese, use what you like but it would be better if it was a crumbly kind, not a soft creamy kind. Usually, the crumbly cheeses are a little tangy and fermented as well as salty. I used a so called "kneaded cheese" or "barrel cheese" from the Romanian mountains in the Sibiu region (notorious for the sheep growing).

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