06 July, 2009

Weekend in the mountanis

 Last weekend we decided to go for a 2 day trip in the mountains of Vrancea. So, we went to Lepsa, a splendid mountain resort that is just developing now in Romania. We got some nice mountain air, delightful walks through the Tisita river gorges, good meals at the only resaturant in the area and long, relaxing reading time on the terrace with a view from our room.

Top picture: the view!

Next: wild growing berry.

Middle: lunch of chicken schnitzel with a drizzle of sesame seeds and a baked potato with skin, topped with cream and bacon, chopped.

Last: you can see the desert that we had there, witch is "papanasi" (pronounced "papanashi"). It is a kind of donut with more egg in the doe, served with cream (this was organic, you could taste the difference immediately) and sour cherry jam. Delish!

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